J.S. Bach

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Bach Organ Works, Vol. I

Main Performer
or Conductor:
Andreas Liebig
Individual Works:Sarabanda con partitas C dur- BWV 990;
"O Mensch bewein dein' S■nde gro■" -BWV 622;
Passacaglia c moll- BWV 682;
Trio Sonata VI-G dur(Vivace, Lento, Allegro)
BWV 530;
Praeludium et Fuga Es-dur-BWV 552;

Format:Compact Disc
Record Label:Ars Musici (Freiburger Musik Forum)
Catalog Number:AM-1390-2
Year Released/Recorded:2005
Total Playing Time:73:07
Comments:Dr. Sharon R. Follingstad said:

This new recording of Bach Masterworks by German organist, Andreas Liebig, is one of the most significant recordings on an historic instrument (the Schnitger organ at the Martinikerk-Groningen, Netherlands) that adheres to historical performance practices, yet is exciting and refreshingly new. There are many delights to be found in every track of the recording: from the charming, piquant opening Sarabande and subsequent variations (displaying so well the many varied tone colors of this historic instrument), to the stately grandeur of the closing tracks of the monumental "St. Anne" Prelude and Fugue. This recording has been featured recently on two separate "Pipedreams" broadcasts, to critical acclaim. These programs include last November's "Going on Record" (2005), as well as this March's(2006) "Pipedreams" program, "Around Bach." In conclusion, I recommend this recording most highly, to be enjoyed by novice and expert listener, alike. Further information about Mr. Liebig and his recordings can be found at his official website: www.andreasliebig.org.

Acknowledgements:Thank you to the following for submitting this recording and for your comments:
  • Dr. Sharon R. Follingstad
Date First Submitted:04/06/2006