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Transcriptions of Classical Music Op.4

Main Performer
or Conductor:
Jaime Zavala Benavente
Accompaniment/Orchestra:Midi Programming by Jaime Zavala
Soloists:Jaime Zavala Benavente, Electric Guitar and Midi programming
Instrumentation:Electric Guitar
Individual Works:I - Works for Chamber Orchestra, by Jaime Zavala

01 - Introduzione: Overture "Lorena", Op.10
02 - Allegro in G major, Op.6
03 - Adagio in E, Op.8
04 - Presto, Op.9
05 - Allegro for Gabriela, Op.11
06 - Magno Himno CDP, Op.2
07 - Pedale Etude in A, from Op.3
08 - Finale "Paz", from Op.12

II - Transcriptions of Classical Music Op.4

09 - Aria of BWV 147 "Herz und Mund und Tat und Leben"
10 - Fantasia BWV 572 "Orgelb³chlein" (Sample)
11 - Allemande of BWV 815 "French Suite" N*4
12 - Prelude of BWV 850 "WTC I"
13 - Prelude of BWV 858 "WTC I"
14 - Presto of BWV 971 "Italienisches Konzert"
15 - Variatio 30 of BWV 988 "Goldberg Variationen"
16 - Allegro of BWV 1048 "Brandenburg Concerto" N*3 (Sample)
17 - Allegro of BWV 1050 "Brandenburg Concerto" N*5 (Sample)
18 - Allegro of BWV 1051 "Brandenburg Concerto" N*6 (Sample)
19 - Hymne an die Jungfrau "Ave Maria" Op.52 N*4
20 - Minuetto of Soanata N*1 Op.2 (Paganini)
21 - Presto of RV.315 "L'Estate" (Vivaldi)

III - Other Works

22 - Base 1
23 - Base 2
24 - Cueca Progresiva
25 - Variazioni su un tema di Momo
26 - God save the queen, from Op.5

Format:Compact Disc
Record Label:CDP Records
Catalog Number:0022000
Year Released/Recorded:2000
Total Playing Time:50:54
Comments:Emily Woods said:

This work is amazing! Maestro Jaime Zavala shows in this work a new classical instrument: the electric guitar! A clean and perfect sound, really a masterwork.

Jorge MartÝnez said:

El llamar a Jaime Zavala "Maestro" no me parece. Incluso al mismo Zavala le molesta. Tiene una tÚcnica increÝble, tal vez una de las mas perfectas, puede tocar lo que quiera, pero eso no lo hace maestro. Este disco tiene un gran mÚrito: Zavala no ha alterado ninguna nota, por eso es merecedor de todo mi elogio.

Acknowledgements:Thank you to the following for submitting this recording and for your comments:
  • Emily Woods
  • Jorge MartÝnez
Date First Submitted:11/18/2000