J.S. Bach

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Concertos for Piano and Orchestra, Nos. 1-5 & 7

Main Performer
or Conductor:
Leonard Bernstein
Accompaniment/Orchestra:Columbia Symphony Orchestra under Leonard Bernstein and Vladimir Golschmann
Soloists:Glenn Gould
Individual Works:Concerto, BWV 1052
Concerto, BWV 1053
Concerto, BWV 1054
Concerto, BWV 1055
Concerto, BWV 1056
Concerto, BWV 1058
Record Label:Sony Classical
Catalog Number:SM2K52591
Year Released/Recorded:1975, 1958, 1967, 1969
Total Playing Time:69'42", 38'08"
Even the mono version of the 1st Concerto in D minor (BWV 1052) directed by L. Bernstein and played by Glenn Gould is unbelievable.
Gould's precision of rhythm and loudness are mind-boggling. I find it impossible to prevent myself tapping my feet, swinging my arms, etc. when listening to some movements on this recording. The tension that Bach & Gould build up during the solo passages in the outer movements of the D minor is breathtaking (literally!), only rivalled by the "cadenza" in the first movement of the 5th Brandenburg. The first movement of the D minor has probably the best playing and the worst sound recording quality in my entire collection. Gould's interpretation of the slow movement of the E major is also brilliant but eccentric - if I knew more jazz terminology I might be able to describe it more precisely. These are my highlights, but Gould's (and Bach's) genius shines through in all 18 movements on this pair of discs.
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  • Stephane Tsacas
  • Michael Brown
  • Anthony Kay
Thank you to
Stephane Tsacas
for submitting this recording.
Date First Submitted:11/08/1995