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Works for Organ, Volume I

Main Performer
or Conductor:
Kevin Bowyer
Individual Works:Toccata and fugue in D minor BWV 565
Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu dir  BWV 1099
Concerto in G (after Prince Johann Ernst) BWV 592
Trio Sonata I in E-flat BWV 525
Pastorella in F BWV 590
Erbarm dich mein, o Herre Gott  BWV 721
Fantasia and fugue in G minor BWV 542
Format:Compact Disc
Record Label:Nimbus
Catalog Number:NI 5280
Year Released/Recorded:1991
Total Playing Time:67'11"
Comments:Todd M. Billeci said:

The Marcussen Organ of Sct. Hans Kirke, Odense, Denmark

Overview - Bowyer's cycle, in progress since 1991, features unmannered virtuosity, an organ of striking tone quality and an exceptionally realistic modern recording. Each disc contains a variety of works in the form of a recital, sustaining interest throughout. Bowyer's intriguing registrations distinguish the set.

Disc I - Bowyer's Toccata & fugue in D minor is among the most riveting on record. The Concerto in G achieves delightful contrasts via reed stops. A thoroughly enjoyable recital - and a good disc to try as an introduction to the series.

Acknowledgements:Thank you to the following for submitting this recording and for your comments:
  • Todd M. Billeci
Date First Submitted:10/24/1998