J.S. Bach

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Sechs Suiten fur Cello

Main Performer
or Conductor:
Peter Bruns
Individual Works:Suite No. 1 in G Major, BWV 1007
Suite No. 2 in D Minor, BWV 1008
Suite No. 3 in C Major, BWV 1009
Suite No. 4 in E Flat Major, BWV 1010
Suite No. 5 in C Minor, BWV 1011
Suite No. 6 in D Major, BWV 1012
Format:Compact Disc
Record Label:Opus III
Catalog Number:OPS 30 - 176/177
Year Released/Recorded:1997
Total Playing Time:125' 56 (CD1- 53'05) (CD2- 72'51)
Comments:Lolita Santos Andrade said:

This 2 set CD was indeed a pleasant surprise. I had intended to purchase Pablo Casals' Cello Suites, but came across this recording, sampled it with great astonishment in the store, and promptly purchased it, listening to it as soon as I entered my car. A magnificent recording, with Bruns playing on a cello made by the great master, Carlo Tononi in Venice in 1730, and which for ten years belonged to Pablo Casals. Consistently takes me to heaven. I think Casals would be proud of this 35 year old player from Berlin, and J S Bach, even more so.

Acknowledgements:Thank you to the following for submitting this recording and for your comments:
  • Lolita Santos Andrade
Date First Submitted:05/22/1998