J.S. Bach

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Trio Sonatas

Main Performer
or Conductor:
Radu Cotutiu
Accompaniment/Orchestra:Roland Vuataz
Soloists:Radu Cotutiu, flute
Roland Vuataz, piano
Individual Works:Sonate No. 1 (BWV 525) G dur
Sonate No. 2 (BWV 526) E moll
Sonate No. 3 (BWV 527 D moll
Sonate No. 4 (BWV 528) A moll
Sonate No. 5 (BWV 529) F dur
Sonate No. 6 (BWV 560) C dur
Record Label:Gallo
Catalog Number:CD 611
Year Released/Recorded:1990
Comments:Jan Hanford said:

A delightful performance on flute and piano of the trio sonatas for organ. The combination of flute and piano is rarely heard in performances of Bach and this one is beautiful in every detail.

Acknowledgements:From the collection of Jan Hanford.
Date First Submitted:01/13/2003