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Virgil Fox plays The John Wanamaker Organ - Philadelphia

Main Performer
or Conductor:
Virgil Fox
Individual Works:J.S.Bach "Come, sweet death" -
Organ transcription by Virgil Fox
BWV 478
Format:Compact Disc
Record Label:MCA
Catalog Number:BCD2501
Year Released/Recorded:1964
Total Playing Time:37.61
Comments:Ervins Reinverts said:

This is CD with Virgil Fox playing different works on the famous Wanamaker Grand Court organ in Philadelphia. Among the other works (Not by J.S.Bach) there is this Virgil's own arrangement on J.S.Bach's "Come, sweet death". In the booklet there is following text for the piece: This piece is the crown and glory of the album. It's Virgil Fox's most famous piece, and it was arranged especially for the Wanamaker organ. Bach's image of death was softened by transcending faith. And so Mr. Fox arranged the second verse of this piece so as to say: "Death is like the most brilliant sunset one can imagine. Fierce colors fill the sky; but through all these colors, an even brighter light shines from the place which is after death."

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  • Ervins Reinverts
Date First Submitted:09/20/1997