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Bach Cantata Pilgrimage- Whitsum (Pentecost)

Main Performer
or Conductor:
John Eliot Gardiner
Accompaniment/Orchestra:English Baroque Soloists, Monteverdi Choir
Soloists:Martha Jankova, sorprano - BWV 172
Robin Blaze, countertenor - BWV 172,BWV 74
Christoph Genz, tenor - BWV 172, BWV 74
Reinhard Hagen, bass - BWV 172
Magdelena Kozena, sorprano - BWV 59, BWV 74
Peter Harvey, bass - BWV 59
Bernarda Fink, contralto - BWV 34
Steve Davislim, tenor - BWV 34
Christopher Foster, bass - BWV 34
Viola da Gamba
Individual Works:Erschallet, ihr Lieder, BWV 172
Wer mich liebet, der wird mein Wort halten, BWV 59
Wer mich liebet, der wird mein Wort halten, BWV 74
O ewiges Feuer, o Ursprung der Liebe, BWV 34
Format:Compact Disc
Record Label:Archiv Produktion
Catalog Number:463 584-2
Year Released/Recorded:April 1999
Total Playing Time:65:52
Comments:Rich Rosenwald said:

The English Baroque Soloists never dissapoint. Gardiner's Pilgrimage is historic, and Deutshce Grammophon is honoring this with a 12-CD series called the "Bach Cantata Pilgrimage". John Eliot Gardiner is performing, in the year 2000, all the surviving Bach church cantatas in Europe. This is the 5th installment in the series, released July 18th 2000 in the USA. This is the only disc in which all 4 cantatas have trumpet/timpani in the score. Erschallet Ihr Lieder is one of my favorites, and this is the first time I've heard it on period instruments. All the cantatas on this disc are well-performed, and can become a collector's item because of the event, so if you have it, hold on to it! The recordings of the cantatas are smooth and brisk. It is very typical of John Eliot Gardiner. I've been a fan of his for years. Recommended warmly.

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  • Rich Rosenwald
Date First Submitted:09/01/2000