J.S. Bach

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Johann Sebastian Bach: Lute Music

Main Performer
or Conductor:
Walter Gerwig
Soloists:Walter Gerwig
Individual Works:Prelude in C Minor BWV 999
Fugue in G Minor BWV 1000
Loure, Gavotte, Menuett I & II, and Gugue (from the Suite in E Major, BWV 1006a)
Suite in A Major (trans from Suite in G major, BWV 1007)
Allemande and Bourree from the Suite in E Minor BWV 996.
Record Label:NoneSuch
Catalog Number:N5 - 1137
Year Released/Recorded:(Old!)
Comments:Tad Wallis said:

This is an old favorite of mine, but unfortunately I have been unable to find a re-mastered CD on the market, possibly because Warner is in the process of assimilating Nonesuch. Gerwig's mastery is evident in the clear and elegant simplicity of his performance.

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  • Tad Wallis
Date First Submitted:07/08/1999