J.S. Bach

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Secular Cantatas

Main Performer
or Conductor:
Reinhard Goebel
Accompaniment/Orchestra:Musica Antiqua Koln
Soloists:Ex Tempore- Chorus
Dorthea Röschmann, Dana Hanchard- Sorprano
Christoph Genz, Scot Weir- Tenor
Axel Kogler- Alto
Hans-Georg Wimmer, Stefan Geyer- Bass
Viola da Gamba
Individual Works:Disc 1:

Vereingte Zweitracht der wechselnden Saiten- BWV 207
Schleischt, spielende Wellen- BWV 206

Disc 2:

Geshwinde, ihr wirbelnden Winde- BWV 201
Schwingt freudig euch empor- BWV 36c
Quodlibet - (Was sind das f³r grosse Schlösser)BWV 524

Format:Compact Disc
Record Label:Archiv Produktion
Catalog Number:457 348
Year Released/Recorded:1996-1997
Total Playing Time:69:56 76:05
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Comments:Rich Rosenwald said:

The Quodlibet BWV 524 is great. I've never heard anything like it. There are only a few recordings of it, and I think this is the best one. It is unusual, but stunning and you will not be disappointed in the style.

Cantata BWV 207 is pretty unique because it has opens with a MARCH like that of Delalande, Lully, Marais, Charpentier, etc... The second movement is the opening chorus and is like a D major version of the third movement to Brandenburg Concerto no.1. The arias are breathtaking. The ritornello (movement 7) takes the shape of the second trio of the fourth movement to Brandenburg Concerto no.1 transcribed in D major and added two trumpets. It ends with a thrilling chorus "Kortte lebe, Kortte bluhe!" scored for three trumpets and kettledrums.

Secular Cantata BWV 206 is less intense, but just as beautiful in style. Trumpets and kettledrums are in the opening and closing movements, but they take a less intense mode. It is just as good a cantata as BWV 207 in style.

Secular Cantata BWV 201 is better known as 'The Contest between Phoebus and Pan'. It uses trumpets and kettledrums in the opening and closing movements. The arias are very interesting and they keep your attention, and prepare you for the last movement, like BWV 207, includes trumpets and Kettledrums. It is a 'fun' cantata to listen to.

Secular Cantata BWV 36c is an adaption of the Sacred Cantata BWV 36. It has powerful structure, but lacks trumpets and kettledrums. It is still a very good recording to listen to.

The Ex Tempore Chorus in all 4 cantatas are well-skilled and make you feel like you are there.

I'd recommend this disc to anyone who is looking for secular cantatas that include trumpets, and is alive with strength.

Acknowledgements:Thank you to the following for submitting this recording and for your comments:
  • Rich Rosenwald
Date First Submitted:05/22/1998