J.S. Bach

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Sonatas for Violin and Harpsichord

Main Performer
or Conductor:
Reinhard Goebel
Accompaniment/Orchestra:Robert Hill
Soloists:Reinhard Goebel, violin
Robert Hill, harpsichord
Individual Works:CD 1:
Sonatas for Violin and Harpsichord:
BWV 1014
BWV 1015
BWV 1016
BWV 1017
BWV 1018

CD 2:
Sonata for Violin and Harpsichord BWV 1019a
Sonata for Violin and Bass Continuo BWV 1021
Sonata for Violin and Harpsichord BWV 1022
Sonata for Violin and Bass Continuo BWV 1025
Sonata for Violin and Bass Continuo BWV 1024

Format:Compact Disc
Record Label:Archiv Produktion
Catalog Number:427 152-2
Year Released/Recorded:1985
Total Playing Time:disc 1: 73'33
disc 2: 60'47
Comments:Jan Hanford said:

An amazing performance by Goebel and Hill of the violin sonatas. Although disc 1 is identical to disc 1 in the Kammermusik set, disc 2 is not and includes BWV1019a instead of BWV 1019 for Sonata No. 6. It's wonderful to hear the rarely recorded alternate movements to this sonata. Except for his one blunder I consider Rienhard Goebel to be one of the best musicians alive today. Robert Hill is also extraordinary with flawless articulation and enjoyable tempos. The instruments are recorded closely with no reverb which provides an intimate listening experience.

Sadly, this release is out of print but the Kammermusik set is still available.

Acknowledgements:From the collection of Jan Hanford.
Date First Submitted:05/21/1998