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Goldberg Variations

Main Performer
or Conductor:
Genzo Takehisa
Individual Works:Aria
Variation 1-30
Aria da capo BWV 988
Format:Compact Disc
Record Label:ALM Records-ALCD-1013
Year Released/Recorded:1994
Total Playing Time:1:17:13
Comments:TW said:

This performance is very well recorded, but that's not the point. Mr. Takehisa has a very beautiful way to play. The Goldberg variations sound very polyphonic. I'm sorry, I'm no musician and so i'm struggling. Another interesting fact is perhaps, that Mr. Takehisa is blind - just to know it.
Other performances which i like, is that of Rodarmer. I can't say for sure, who of those two i like more. It's different on each variation.
Mr. Takehisa plays rather slow but never gives place to boredom. Each tone is very well articulated and clear
I'm sorry - i can't describe it. You just feel, that he plays with his heart and makes his instrument "sing" and this evokes extreme joy!

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  • TW
Date First Submitted:05/17/2007