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Goldberg Variations

Main Performer
or Conductor:
Johannes Roloff
Individual Works:Aria mit verschiedenen Ver*nderungen "Goldberg - Variationen" (Clavier *bung Teil IV-Schmieder BWV 988)
1. Thema: Aria
2.-31.: Variationen 1-30
32.: Thema: Aria
Format:Compact Disc
Record Label:Jo. Roloff
Year Released/Recorded:2005
Total Playing Time:80 min. 55 sec.
Comments:Isabelle said:

Recorded at the church Passionskirche in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Johannes Roloff is a great German piano player. He studied the piano in Munich and Berlin and gave concerts in Japan, Corea, Canada, Russia, Mexico, Brasil and Switzerland. He worked together as solist with Berliner Symphoniker Orchestra, RSO Berlin, Orquestra Camara Bellas Artes Mexico City, Seoul Sinfonietta and Philharmonisches Orchester Kaliningrad. He is best known as the musical director and arrangeur of the Geschwister Pfister.

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  • Isabelle
Date First Submitted:03/23/2007