J.S. Bach

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Main Performer
or Conductor:
Philippe Herreweghe
Accompaniment/Orchestra:Collegium Vocale
Soloists:Sibylla Rubens - Soprano
Sarah Connolly - Alto
Christoph Pregardien - Tenor
Peter Kooy - Basse
Individual Works:Advent Cantatas:
BWV 36 Schwingt freudig euch empor
BWV 61 Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland (I)
BWV 62 Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland (II)
Format:Compact Disc
Record Label:Harmonia Mundi
Catalog Number:HMC 901605
Year Released/Recorded:1996
Total Playing Time:62'49
Comments:Ehud Shiloni said:

Interpretation: Excellant
Acoustics: Outstanding

This recording is directly comparable to Gardiner's upbeat and exciting 1992 version of the same three cantatas on Archiv, and in my opinion Herreweghe performance is even better.
Everything here is first class - soloists, choir, instruments - and the accoustics really make the music come alive. Herreweghe's tempi are roughly similar to Gardiner's, however he sounds more convincing in the choruses and choral movements without any mellownes which I have found in some of his earlier recordings. I especially liked the opening chorus of BWV 62 where each voice and each instrumental line stands crystal clear apart, and the simple but beautiful choral melody keeps coming in with what I have found to be a slightly hypnotic effect.

Acknowledgements:Thank you to the following for submitting this recording and for your comments:
  • Ehud Shiloni
Date First Submitted:03/12/1998