J.S. Bach

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Integrale de Sonatas en Trio

Main Performer
or Conductor:
Andre Isoir
Individual Works:Trio Sonatas BWV 525-530
Trio in G BWV 1027a
Prelude & Fugue in A, BWV 536
Fantasia super Valet will ich dir geben BWV 736
Herzlich tut mich verlangen BWV 727
An Wasserflüssen Babylon BWV 653b
Prelude in C BWV 943
Jesus, meine Zuversicht BWV 728
Prelude & Fugue in C minor BWV 546
Prelude & Fugue in E minor, BWV 539
Format:Compact Disc
Record Label:Calliope
Comments:DW said:

My favorite recording of the Trio Sonatas by far. Most organists think they have to rush through the first and last movements to prove their dexterity (and possibly to fit them all on one disc), but Isoir lets the music really unfold. No one can attribute his tempi to a technical necessity, on the contrary he has an evenness and clarity which is unmatched. The organ (Ahrend) has alot of beautiful colors which are well recorded. Of the other works on the disc (recorded on another French organ) I find that the C mino P+F, BWV 546, might have been better served on a German organ although it is played beautifully.

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  • DW
Date First Submitted:07/12/2005