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Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin

Main Performer
or Conductor:
Jean-Jacques Kantorow
Individual Works:BWV 1001 Sonata 1 in G minor
BWV 1002 Partita 1 in B minor
BWV 1003 Sonata 2 in A minor
BWV 1004 Partita 2 in D minor
BWV 1005 Sonata 3 in C Major
BWV 1006 Partita 3 in E Major
Format:Compact Disc
Record Label:Denon
Catalog Number:C37-7407
Year Released/Recorded:1979
Comments:Jasper Cooper said:

Very expressive and accented. Perhaps the best recording in my collection. Kantorow is the Glenn Gould of Violin. If you like Glenn Gould, you will love this recording.

Elisha JT said:

I first heard of Jean-Jacques Kantorow from one of Glenn Gould's many essays, and I was terribly curious because Gould recommended him favorably as one of the most 'underrated violinist of our age.' He is more well-known in Europe than in the US, I believe. This recording was nothing but surprise for me, Kantorow really is a superb violinist and it is a shame that this is the only recording available at my college library. His intonations are perfect...a truly wonderful recording that I feel must be an addition to your archives.

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  • Jasper Cooper
  • Elisha JT
Date First Submitted:10/08/2000