J.S. Bach

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Bach: Goldberg Variations and Beethoven: Diabelli Variations

Main Performer
or Conductor:
Joanne Kong
Soloists:Joanne Kong
Individual Works:Bach, Goldberg Variations BWV 988
Beethoven, Diabelli Variations
Format:Compact Disc
Record Label:Brioso
Catalog Number:BR 133
Year Released/Recorded:2001
Total Playing Time:124.45
Comments:Dr Barry D. Steben said:

This is an extremely skilled and spirited recording of Bach's famous Goldberg Variations and a great work in the same genre by Beethoven, by an accomplished Bach specialist who is equally at home on the harpichord and the piano. The recording of Bach's Variations is the best I have heard on harpsichord. The recordng is only available through the Brioso web page at http://www.brioso.com.

Acknowledgements:Thank you to the following for submitting this recording and for your comments:
  • Dr Barry D. Steben
Date First Submitted:09/18/2002