J.S. Bach

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Easter Oratorio / Magnificat

Main Performer
or Conductor:
Ton Koopman
Accompaniment/Orchestra:The Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra and Choir
Soloists:Lisa Larsson - soprano I
Elisabeth von Magnus - soprano II/alto
Bogna Bartosz - alto
Gerd Turk - tenor
Klaus Mertens - bass
Individual Works:Easter Oratorio (Oster-Oratorium) BWV 249
Magnificat in D BWV 243
Format:Compact Disc
Record Label:Erato
Catalog Number:3984-23416-2
Year Released/Recorded:1998
Total Playing Time:66'20
Comments:J Moy said:

Another delightful addition to my Koopman/Bach vocal collection. The Magnificat is taken at a faster pace, which is just how I like it. The instruments are all very clearly heard, the playing is wonderfully crisp and precise, and Koopman's organ continuo is, as usual, amazing. The organ playing is particularly inventive and impressive in the bass aria "Quia fecit mihi magna," as it starts the movement off with some very melodically-inclined continuo playing. Listen carefully near the end of "Omnes generationes" for a surprise one doesn't hear too often in interpretations of the Magnificat! The Easter Oratorio was nice too, particularly the last movement. Both works, Bach at his best, carried through wonderfully by Koopman and the ABO and Choir, so turn up the volume, sit back, and prepare to be blown away!

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  • J Moy
Date First Submitted:09/07/2001