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Works for Organ II

Main Performer
or Conductor:
Ton Koopman
Individual Works:Prelude & Fugue in c-minor BWV 549
Choral "Schmucke dick, o liebe Seele" BWV 654
Trio-Sonata in C major BWV 529
Concerto after Vivaldi A-minor BWV 593
Choral "An Wasserflussen Babylon" BWV 653
Prelude & Fugue in c-minor BWV 546
Format:Compact Disc
Record Label:Novalis
Catalog Number:150 020-2
Year Released/Recorded:1987
Total Playing Time:58'49"
Comments:Matthew W. Noonan said:

If you can get this CD, it is one of the finest recordings of the great Dutch organist, Ton Koopman. Koopman breaths life into the brief BWV 549, and his interpretation of the enormous BWV 546 is legendary. For those who think you must break up a large work such as the 546 on different manuals to make it interesting, Koopman proves you wrong. It is the perfect program, with two three-movement works sandwiched between two chorales and Preludes and Fugues. The A-minor concerto is a bit hurried, but Koopman takes some liberty but makes it sound truly Italian. All the organ's resources are used thoroughly. If you can find this CD, it is one of the best!

Tomasz Pozdzik said:

I agree with the oppinion above. It is one of the finest recordings of Ton Koopman. Especially Preludes BWV549 & 546 and... Concerto BWV593 are amazing. Registration in Concerto BWV593 is simply beautiful. I have never heard a better recording of this Concerto.

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  • Matthew W. Noonan
  • Tomasz Pozdzik
Date First Submitted:06/19/2001