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Kurtag: Jatekok / Marta and Gyorgy Kurtag

Main Performer
or Conductor:
Gyorgy Kurtag
Individual Works:1. Flowers We Are, Mere Flowers (...Embracing Sounds)
2. J.S. Bach: Aus Tiefer Not Schrei Ich Zu Dir (BWV 687) / In Memorium Joa
3. Preludium and Choral
4. Knots
5. Antiphone in F-Sharp
6. Dirge 1
7. Hommage À Christian Wolff (Half-Asleep)
8. Play With Overtones
9. Perpetuum Mobile (Objet Trouvé)
10. ...And Once More: Flowers We Are...
11. Beating-Quarrelling
12. Study to "Hölderlin"
13. J.S. Bach: Gottes Zeit Ist Die Allerbeste Zeit/ Sonatina from "Actus TR
14. Bells Hommage À Stravinsky
15. Furious Chorale
16. Hoquetus
17. Palm Stroke
18. Bluebell
19. Thistle
20. Stubbunny
21. Harmonica /Hommage À Borsody László
22. Hommage À Domenico Scarlatti
23. Aus Der Ferne/To Alfred Schlee on His 80th Birthday
24. J.S. Bach: Trio Sonata in E- Flat Major I, 1 (BWV 525)
25. Dirge 1a
26. Dirge 2
27. Tumble-Bunny
28. Hommage À Kurtág Márta
29. J.S. Bach: O Lamm Gottes Unschuldig (BWV Deest)
30. Evocation of Petrushka/Hommaga À Farkas Ferenc 3
31. Adoration, Adoration, Accursed Desolation.../Hommage À Farkas Ferenc 4
32. Hommage À Soproni/In Memorium Matris Carissimae
33. Hommage À Halmágyi Mihály
34. Scraps of a Colinda Melody-Faintly Recollected/Hommage À Farkas Ferenc
Format:Compact Disc
Record Label:ECM
Catalog Number:#453511
Year Released/Recorded:2000
Comments:Loreno Heer said:

This is one of my favorite piano music recordings. Kurtag's piano pieces, each dedicated to a friend or hero, are like miniature musical portraits composed by a master artist. They are tiny, intricate, and gestural. His music tends toward the aphoristic, saying a lot with very few notes. Some pieces are less than a minute long. And yet they have the feel of the eternal about them. The sound is beautiful.

Acknowledgements:Thank you to the following for submitting this recording and for your comments:
  • Loreno Heer
Date First Submitted:04/06/2003