J.S. Bach

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Suite and Concertos

Main Performer
or Conductor:
Jaap ter Linden
Soloists:Claire Guimond - flute

Chantal Remillard - violin

Hank Knox - harpsichord

Luc Beausejour - harpsichord.

Individual Works:Concerto for flute, violon, harpsichord in A minor (Triple Concerto), BWV 1044
Brandenburg Concerto no 5 in D Major for flute, violon, harpsichord and continuo, BWV 1050
Concerto in C Major for two harpsichords and strings , BWV 1061
Orchestral Suite no 1 in C Major for two oboes, fagotto, strings and continuo, BWV 1066
Format:Compact Disc
Record Label:www.early-music.com
Catalog Number:EMCCD7753
Year Released/Recorded:2001
Comments:Eric Marsland said:

Arion, celebrates this year its 20th Anniversary with yet another orchestral recording, entirely dedicated to J.S. Bach. The CD features some 20 musicians under the direction of world-renowned Dutch conductor Jaap ter Linden.

"The Montreal-based Arion has grown from a respectable quartet to a first-rate baroque orchestra. A steady stream of inspiring guest directors is one of the secrets to its success. Here, the Netherlands's Jaap ter Linden conducts the orchestra in ebullient, soulful performances of well-known Bach works

- Tamara Bernstein, The National Post, June 2002

More information and purchase at: http://www.early-music.com

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  • Eric Marsland
Date First Submitted:07/01/2003