J.S. Bach

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Peter Schreier - Boy alto of the Dresden Kreuzchor

Main Performer
or Conductor:
Rudolf Mauersberger
Accompaniment/Orchestra:Dresden Philharmonie
Soloists:Peter SCHREIER - boy alto
Hans OTTO, Gerhard PAULIK - organ
Anton SPIELER - cello
Karl-Dietfried ADAM - piano
Individual Works:1. Es ist vollbracht (Johannes-Passion),
2. Agnus Dei (Messe h-Moll),
3-4 Schemelli Gesangbuch:
3. Es kostet viel, ein Christ zu sein,
4. Ich halte treulich still,
5. O wie selig seid ihr doch, ihr Frommen.
Format:Compact Disc
Record Label:Berlin Classics
Catalog Number:0091372 BC
Year Released/Recorded:Archiv - 1950
Total - 1995
Total Playing Time:Bach - 16.21, Total - 59.36
Comments:Very remarkable historical records. Schemellis Gesangbuch is not well known repertoire. And besides, Peter SCHREIER is very famous, german tenor and conductor. It is very good example for contemporary musicians. His career is very particular. He started as a choirboy (he was given very responsable solo parts). Than, after his voice breaking, he became solo singer - tenor. He took part in many classical music performances. There are not many examples of so brilliant career.
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Date First Submitted:02/11/1997