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Main Performer
or Conductor:
Michael Murray
Individual Works:Toccata and Fugue in D minor
Fantasia and Fugue in G minor
Prelude in C minor
Sinfonia, from Cantata No.29 (arrangement)
Prelude in C major
Prelude and Fugue in G major
Little Fugue in G minor
Concerto No.2 in A minor from A.Vivaldi's violin concerto Opus 3 No.8
Prelude in C major
Prelude and fugue in E minor
Fugue in D minor
Format:Compact Disc
Record Label:Telarc
Catalog Number:CD-80316
Year Released/Recorded:1995
Total Playing Time:75:45
Comments:DANIEL PONDER said:

I bought this disc from borders, because a few years ago my CD collection consisted of only 50+- CD's. I find some of the organs used a bit unsuitable for the interpretation of Bach's organ music. The reeds used in track 1 are to loud and bright, no organ in Bach's day had those kinds of stops, although he plays 565 with alot of skill! On track 2 (542)the organ is quite nice, but the peice itself I do not care for too much. Track 3-546, the lower stops, 16' and 32' are too loud, but the softer stops are quite pleasent! Track 4 is a transcription of the Sinfonia to Cantate no.29 for orchestra, harpsichord and organ obligotto. His trancription brings out the best elements of the Sinfonia, which will be of help when I write a piano duet transcriptio. Track 5-MR. Murray has the best registration for it, but the downside is it is just the prelude. 6-Wonderful registration!!!!!!!! 7-578 was played too soft in my oppinion, but the principle at 8' sounds delightful. 8-Is a personal favourite of mine, I have listened to the whole thing about 20x's!!! 9-Too slow. 10-Nice, even though I hardly listen to it. 11-680 is really the Catechism Hymn, "Wir glauben all'an einen Gott", but it is a fugue on the hymn in d-minor. All in all this is a magnificent recording and I recommend it to any one!

Acknowledgements:Thank you to the following for submitting this recording and for your comments:
  • Martin Ma
Date First Submitted:04/10/1996