J.S. Bach

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Oeuvres pour orgue Vol.9

Main Performer
or Conductor:
Marcel Dupre
Individual Works:préludes de choral : kyrie, gott heiliger geist, bwv 671 (chorals du dogme)
2. préludes de choral : allein gott in der h h sei ehr, bwv 662 (chorals de leipzig)
3. préludes de choral : wir glauben all an einen gott, bwv 680 (chorals du dogme)
4. préludes de choral : christ unser herr zum jordan kam, bwv 684 (chorals du dogme)
5. préludes de choral : in dir ist die freude, bwv 615 (orgelbüchlein n· 17)
6. préludes de choral : o mensch bewein dein sünde gross, bwv 622 (orgelbüchlein n· 24)
7. préludes de choral : vom himmel kam der engel schaar, bwv 607 (orgelbüchlein n· 9)
8. préludes de choral : durch adams fall sit ganz verderbt, bwv 637 (orgelbüchlein n· 39)
9. préludes de choral : wachet auf, ruft uns die stimme bwv 645 (chorals schübler)
10. préludes de choral : vor deiner thron tret' ich, bwv 668 (chorals de leipzig)

Format:Compact Disc
Record Label:Philips
Catalog Number:B000025U0H
Year Released/Recorded:1965
Comments:dan w said:

Recorded at the ripe old age of 79, Dupre's technique was not what it once was. The sounds he gets from that organ! Not many would still use the chamades at St. Ouen, Rouen for Bach, but the effect is truly overwhelming. Many more recent recordings made there suffer from the 'lively' acoustics and the results tend to be muddy; however Dupre, who had a long association with the instrument, never loses clarity. These are intense recordings by the first person in history to perform Bach's complete organ works from memory (he included many which Walcha did not).

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  • dan w
Date First Submitted:06/29/2005