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Francois Rabbath-Bach,Vivaldi,Bizet,Rabbath

Main Performer
or Conductor:
Francois Rabbath
Accompaniment/Orchestra:acc Frank Proto, Florence Bouchet, Orchestra cond by Proto
Soloists:Francois Rabbath
Individual Works:JS Bach Cello Suite G major BWV 1007
A Vivaldi Sonata e minor RV 40
G. Bizet (arr Proto) A Carmen Fantasy
Rabbath Concerto #3
Rabbath Reitba (subtitled for my mother)
Format:Compact Disc
Record Label:emen
Catalog Number:204962
Year Released/Recorded:1968
Total Playing Time:74:41
Comments:Myles Koby said:

This is the landmark recording of the first cello suite on the bass!! One of the great masters of his instrument, a treat from the early sixties on this currently available disc. Rabbaths' lyrical approach, total technical mastery and humor shine in this wonderful performance. While there are a number of interprations on cello, this was certainly the first on bass and remains an artistic landmark. The mechanical factors first overcome (adjustments in bass construction, (Quenoil,- bow design and hold (a la violin) and strings design and engineeringlight rope core ) combine in this masters hands to a breath taking performance. The limitations of the bass-fourths insteadt of fifths, long reaches over thick strings in unexpected registers are completely over come.
As musical visonary and soloist, the first two of his books develop a technique for performance of the suites. Mr Rabbath has publish his edition of the first and second suites.

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  • myles koby
Date First Submitted:10/29/2001