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The Art of Jean-Pierre Rampal

Main Performer
or Conductor:
Jean-Pierre Rampal
Accompaniment/Orchestra:Robert Veyron-Lacroix (harpsichord), The McGill Chamber Orchestra, Alexander Brott, conductor
Individual Works:1)Concert Royal IV (Couperin)
2)Sonata for Flute and Harpsichord in G minor BWV 1020
3)Concerto for Flute, Harpsichord, and String Orchestra in F major (Haydn)
4)Syrinx (Debussy)
5)Concerto for Flute and Orchestra in D major (Boccherini)
6)Flute Concerto No.2 in D major (Mozart)
7)Flute Concerto No.1 in G major (Mozart)
Record Label:Video Artists International
Catalog Number:VAI DVD 4227
Year Released/Recorded:1956 1957 1961 1966
Total Playing Time:117 min.
Comments:Jordan Sayers said:

Okay, it's not just Bach on this DVD (only BWV 1020), but I thought I'd still comment here because of the commanding performce of it by Rampal. This DVD includes performances by Rampal from the Radio-Canada telecasts of 1956-1966. Of course, it's in black & white and a mono recording, full screen. This being said, the sound is very, very good.
While I prefer my Bach played on historic instruments, Rampal's performance of the flute sonata in G can't be beat for sheer beauty and eloquence. The Couperin Royal Concert IV is literally the best recording of this piece I have heard (sadly, the SEON recording has been deleted).
The only downer (if you can call it that) is the Mozart (whom I have little appreciation for) but Rampal actually me take notice of these numbers by the weight of his virtuosity.
I highly recommend this DVD to anyone who loves Jean-Pierre Rampal. I am highly picky when it comes to sound quality and this DVD, old as the performances are, is quite pleasing to my ears.

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  • Jordan Sayers
Date First Submitted:06/06/2003