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Die Bach Kantate - Vol. 20

Main Performer
or Conductor:
Helmuth Rilling
Accompaniment/Orchestra:Bach-Collegium Stuttgart ( BWV 16, 153, 58 ); Wurtembergisches
Kammerorchester heilbronn ( BWV 171 )
Soloists:BWV 16: Gabriele Schreckenbach, contralto
Peter Schreier, tenor
Philippe Huttenlocher, bass.
BWV 171: Arleen Auger, soprano
Julia Hamari, contralto
Aldo Baldin, tenor
Walter Heldwein, bass
BWV 153: Ann Murray, contralto
Adalbert Kraus, tenor
Walter Heldwein, bass.
BWV 58: Ingeborg Reichelt, soprano
Wolfgang Schoene, bass.
Individual Works:Cantata BWV 16, "Herr Gott, dich loben wir"
Cantata BWV 171, "Gott, wie dein Name, so ist auch den Ruhm"
Cantata BWV 153, "Schau, lieber Gott, wie meine Feind"
Cantata BWV 58, "Ach Gott, wie manches Herzleid"
Format:Compact Disc
Record Label:Hanssler
Catalog Number:98.871
Year Released/Recorded:1981; 1983; 1978; 1971
Total Playing Time:62:19
Related Web Site:http://www.bachakademie.de/
Comments:George Murnu said:

Volume 20 of Helmuth Rilling cantatas series consists of two works for the New Year's Day ( BVW 16, BWV 171 ) and two cantatas for the first Sunday after the New Year ( BWV 153, BWV 58 ). Thus the festive character of the first two works on the disc is contrasted with the more intimate one of the last two cantatas. The interpretation is on par with the rest of the series: Rilling's expert conducting, variable but mostly good and never less than reliable soloists, excellent choral work. For cantata BWV 171 Rilling uses the Wurttemberg Chamber Orchestra of Heilbronn (James Galway's favorite chamber orchestra ) rather than his own Bach-Collegium Stuttgart. Although he has recorded a few more cantatss with the Wurttemberg Orchestra, it is obvious that the ensemble is not as familiar with the Maestro as the Bach-Collegium is. Thus the cantata BWV 171 is my least favorite performance, in spite of Rilling's conducting and the best soloists in this volume. But this is a minor detail and in the end the volume can be safely recommended to anyone wanting a modern instruments version of ths works.

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  • George Murnu
Date First Submitted:12/17/1997