J.S. Bach

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Main Performer
or Conductor:
Hans-Joachim Rotzsch
Accompaniment/Orchestra:Gewandhausorchester Leipzig + Thomanerchor Leipzig
Soloists:Rosemarie Lang, Alt
Regina Werner, Sopran
Dieter Weimann, Tenor
Hermann Christian Polster, Bass
Viola da Gamba
Double Bass
Individual Works:Cantata: "Lass, Furstin, lassnoch einen Strahl" BWV 198
Format:Compact Disc
Record Label:Berlin Classics
Catalog Number:009 1972BC
Year Released/Recorded:1975
Total Playing Time:40:04
Comments:Ehud Shiloni said:

Interpretation: Lethargic.
Acoustics: OK.

This is an "old school" rendition of the Trauerode, and unfortunately age shows. The tempo is too slow to the point of being almost plodding and lifeless. I have nothing particularly bad to say about either singing or playing, but at the same time I cannot say anything particularly good. The entire affair seems tired with not a glimmer of excitement anywhere, and it seems light-years away from Gardiner's supercharged (and super-fast!) version. In summary: I intend to keep this CD, but it is the least favorite in my collection of BWV198's.

Acknowledgements:Thank you to the following for submitting this recording and for your comments:
  • Ehud Shiloni
Date First Submitted:05/23/1999