J.S. Bach

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Main Performer
or Conductor:
Rene Saorgin
Individual Works:Orgelbuchlein (complete), BWV599-644
Format:Compact Disc
Record Label:harmonia mundi
Catalog Number:HMC 90121516
Year Released/Recorded:1983
Total Playing Time:79.02
Comments:philippe gaux said:

I recommend strongly this recording. RenÚ saorgin give a inspired and poetic rendering of these scores (listen to BWV601 and BWV605 and their christmas sounds). He plays on the organ of Luxeuil which is colourful, healthy and robust,as Bach liked them.A great but unknown version.

Eran Zamir said:

There's nothing "little" about Bach's "Little Organ Book" or about this CD. It is certainly not like typical recordings of Bach's organ works - Rene Saorgin brings out the power and versatility of an organ in a way that most listeners would never expect.
The superb sound quality of this recording (which one can expect from Harmonia Mundi) also means that the inner workings of the organ can often be heard, which may not appeal to some listeners. Moreover, the liner notes seem to be written with organ lovers and experts in mind.
This disc requires a good stereo system capable of handling the sheer power of the organ. This recording is heavy, only to be enjoyed in small doses, and definitely not for Bach novices.

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  • philippe gaux
  • Eran Zamir
Date First Submitted:11/16/1997