J.S. Bach

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Organ Masterpieces (from St. Paul's Cathedral, London)

Main Performer
or Conductor:
John Scott
Individual Works:Bach - Toccata & Fugue in D minor BWV 565
Mozart - Fantasia in F minor K608
Wesley - Air & Gavotte
Mendelssohn - Sonata No.3 in A Op.65
Schumann - Canon in B minor Op.56
Franck - Chorale No.2 in B minor
Saint-Saens - Fantasia in E flat
Gigout - Scherzo in E major
Boellman - Toccata in C minor from Suite Gothique Op.25
Format:Compact Disc
Record Label:Rondo Classics
Catalog Number:RON CD 231
Year Released/Recorded:1995
Total Playing Time:1hr 6mins
Comments:Richard McVeigh said:

I have heard so many recordings of BWV 565 that I have started to get bored of it, but I have finally found a recording of it which is, in a word, better. The things that make this recording stand out from all the rest is John's uses of trills. They are everywhere from the pedal to the manuals. The organ is really well played and his uses of registration is spot on. The Cathedral instelf is another main key with it's 12-13 reverberation. I believe John Scott is one of the greatest organists in the world and hearing him play this is a great pleasure. I am not neglecting the other pieces on this CD, they are played, in my opionion, perfectly, especially the Mendelssohn. I highly recommended you buy this CD because I throughly enjoy listening to it, and I'm sure you will too. Also this CD is very cheap - about ú7-ú8 so you can't go wrong.

Acknowledgements:Thank you to the following for submitting this recording and for your comments:
  • Richard McVeigh
Date First Submitted:03/30/2000