J.S. Bach

Recommended (or not) Recordings

Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin

Main Performer
or Conductor:
Oscar Shumsky
Individual Works:
Solo Violin Sonata in g, BWV 1001
Solo Violin Sonata in a, BWV 1003
Solo Violin Sonata in C, BWV 1005
Solo Violin Partita in b, BWV 1002
Solo Violin Partita in d, BWV 1004
Solo Violin Partita in E, BWV 1006
Format:Compact Disc
Record Label:ASV (Academy Sound and Vision Limited)
Catalog Number:CD DCD 454
Year Released/Recorded:1983
Comments:Lennie Haight said:

In 'who's who' books on violinists Shumsky is listed as a connoisseur's violinist. Solo Bach, (Szigeti, Grumiaux, Heifetz, Milstein, Perlman, Szeryng, Rabin (C major), Hilary Hahn, Mintz) each has it's charm and we shouldn't pit them aganist each other. But Shumsky's violinistic high-art violinistic style and sound/intonation quality is luxurious and maybe the one for the veritable 'Desert Island'!

David Perrine said:

I have these on Musical Heritage Society LPs. Since MHS licenses most of their recordings I assume these are the same ones. The sound is on the dry side. The performances are often splendid. On some I was distracted by some combination of heavy bowing, intense vibrato, scratchy chords, and/or drifting tempos. One example of the latter would be his predilection for slowing down at the beginning of each section on some selections. In other instances it seemed almost random. On the other hand some are played in strict tempo. There is a moment in the middle of the chaconne where he plays softly and briefly lets his vibrato slow dramatically. It's almost like the sun coming out.

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  • lennie haight
  • David Perrine
Date First Submitted:09/06/2004