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Cantatas, Volume 22

Main Performer
or Conductor:
Masaaki Suzuki
Accompaniment/Orchestra:Bach Collegium Japan
Soloists:Yukari Nonoshita (soprano)
Robin Blaze (counter-tenor)
Jan Kobow (tenor)
Peter Kooij (bass)
Individual Works:
Cantata, "O Ewigkeit, du Donnerwort", BWV 20
Cantata, "Christ unser Herr zum Jordan kam", BWV 7
Cantata, "Was frag ich nach der Welt", BWV 94
Format:Compact Disc
Record Label:BIS
Catalog Number:BIS-CD-1321
Year Released/Recorded:2004
Total Playing Time:73:17
Comments:Mark Shepheard said:

Volume 22 of the Bach Collegium Japan's series of Bach cantatas maintains the high standards of previous issues. With this particular CD the BCJ embark upon the second Jahrgang and the striking series of chorale cantatas. All the works on this disc are beautifully played and equally well sung; Robin Blaze and Peter Kooij are particularly excellent in this repetoire. BWV 7 is given a particularly fine performance. The opening chorus is beautifully shaped by Suzuki; the instrumental ritornellos (evocative of the undulating waters of the river Jordan) punctuate the drawn-out chorale theme to dramatic effect. The other highlight of this work is the tenor aria, "Des Vaters Stimme"; here, above the vocal line, two concertante violins toss a bouncy triple-time motive back and forth, very much in the style of Bach's Double Concerto. All in all, a great performance of a great work and another very fine installment in a distinguished series.

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  • Mark Shepheard
Date First Submitted:09/06/2004