J.S. Bach

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The Art of Fugue

Main Performer
or Conductor:
Roth Quartet
Soloists:+ completion XIV by Donald Tovey (piano)
Individual Works:The Art of Fugue, Contrapunctus I - XIV by The Roth Quartet + completion XIV by Donald Tovey (piano)
Format:Compact Disc
Record Label:Divine Art
Catalog Number:27804
Year Released/Recorded:1934/35
Total Playing Time:76'15''
Comments:A.Wenstedt said:

See www.divine-art.com
String quartet version by Roy Harris by THE ROTH QUARTET with the conjectural completion of the great unfinished quadruple fugue composed and played by SIR DONALD TOVEY . This is a historic document in more ways than one. This recording of Bach's ultimate musical statement was made in the USA in 1934 and was issued as a luxury limited edition set in the UK. The Tovey completion was recorded in 1935, and is a must for all Bach scholars. One of the great recordings of all time.

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  • A.Wenstedt
Date First Submitted:03/10/2006