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The Art of Fugue

Main Performer
or Conductor:
Sergei Dizhur
Individual Works:Contrapunctus I - XIV / 4 Canons / Choral BWV 668
Format:Compact Disc
Record Label:SMC Moscow State Conservatoire
Catalog Number:CD 0075/76
Year Released/Recorded:1993
Total Playing Time:1h46'01''
Comments:A.Wenstedt said:

Small Hall of the Moscow State Conservatoire, organ Alexander Schuke,Potsdam 1975.
There is also an older recording of the Arte of Fuge on the CavailleColl organ in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatoire (only on vinyl Melodia, 1976).
Sergei Leonidovich Dijour or Dizhur (1924-2000) graduated from the Moscow Conservatoire. He studied piano there by Heinrich Neuhaus and organ by Goedicke and Starokadomsky. He was the first in the USSR who played The Art of Fugue as a cycle. The concert activity of Dijour started in 1957, in the chamber orchestra directed by Rudolf Barshai where he played harpsichord. With this orchestra (as the organ soloist as well) he toured a lot of countries: Hungary, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Great Britain, USA, Italy. Since fifties to the mid-nineties he gave concerts in all "organ" cities of his homeland. In 1970 Dijour had been awarded a title "Soloist of the Moscow Philharmony".
His teacher's career Sergei Dijour started in 1951 as an assistant of Heinrich Neuhaus. He then taught 30 years piano major and chamber ensemble in the Central Music School (by the Moscow Conservatoire). Since 1992 he became a staff member of Organ chair at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatoire.
As a performer he revealed to Russian audiences the composers names which were hardly known before: Nicholas de Grigny, Louis Marc* Franz Tunder, Johann Nepomuk David... He performed Six fugues on by Robert Schumann for the first time, as well as Livre d'Orgue by Mess and all organ works by Brahms. Dijour had a true and subtle feeling ol poser's style he performed. He was also widely known as a master of" registration, whichever organ he played, he always managed to artistic image specifically colored for every composer and for composition.

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Date First Submitted:03/10/2006