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Festivals, Organizations & Concerts
  • American Bach Soloists
  • Amsterdam Bach Festival
  • Bach-Academie de Montreal
  • Bach-Archiv Leipzig
  • Bachhaus Eisenach
  • Bach in Baltimore
  • Bach Choir of Bethlehem
  • Bach Collegium, Fort Wayne
  • Bach Dorset Cantata Club
  • Bach Festival, Amsterdam
  • Bach Festival Society of Winter Park
  • Bach Festival of Philadelphia
  • Bach Society of Saint Louis
  • Bach Toul Festival
  • Bach Vespers NYC
  • Baldwin-Wallace Bach Festival
  • Baroque Week, Winchester, U.K.
  • Berkshire Bach Society
  • Birmingham Bach Choir
  • Boulder Bach Festival
  • California Bach Festival
  • Carmel Bach Festival
  • Classic Muziek.nl
  • Dublin International Organ & Choral Festival
  • Evanston, Illinois Bach Week Festival

  • Fichtenwalder Bachtage 2001
  • Fredonia Opera House Bach Festival
  • International Bachakademie Stuttgart
  • International Day for Early Music
  • Bach-Institut Goettingen
  • Junior Bach Festival
  • Les Idees Heureuses
  • London Bach Society
  • Los Angeles Bach Festival
  • Miami Bach Society
  • Muenchener Bach-Chor
  • The Netherlands Bach Society
  • New England Bach Festival
  • The New York Collegium
  • Organ Historical Society
  • Oregon Bach Festival
  • Orgelfestival Holland
  • Bachtage Potsdam
  • San Francisco Bach Choir
  • Shenandoah Valley Bach Festival
  • Sydneian Bach Choir
  • Thomanerchor Leipzig
  • University of Michigan School of Music
  • Victoria Bach Festival
  • Washington Bach Consort
  • Discussion Lists
    J.S. Bach Email Discussion Lists Various email discussion lists about J.S. Bach.
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    Bach on Stringed Instruments Mailing Lists:
  • bach_bowed (Bach played on violin, cello, & viola)
  • bach_plucked (Bach on lute and guitar)
  • Other Bach and Related Web Sites
    Bach Cantatas Website Bach info, recording reviews & artist info, site by Aryeh Oron
    All Of BachEvery Friday you'll find a new recording of the 1080 works of Johann Sebastian Bach, performed by the Dutch Bach Society and many guest musicians.
    Bach On Bachby Peter Bach.
    The Well-Tempered ClavierRecording by Kimiko Ishizaka. Fan-funded and free download and share.
    Open Goldberg VariationsRecording by Kimiko Ishizaka. Fan-funded and free to download and share.
    Dave's J.S. Bach Page by Dave Grossman.
    Bach at Classical.Net by Dave Lampson
    Reviews at Classical.Net Excellent reviews of recordings of Bach.
    Playlist for Teldec's Bach 2000 Completed Edition by Charlton Harrison
    The Young Bach Retreat An Exploration of J. S. Bach's Creative Beginnings and Our Experience of His Music.
    George Frideric Handel Home Page by Brad Leissa and David Vickers. (ok, Handel's not Bach but he's also great)
    The Baroque Home Page A major source of information on baroque music with notes on performance, recommended CDs, individual bios for major baroque composers, notes on the lute-harpsichord and German baroque violin bow etc.
    Bach: Genius Ignored by Lucius Furius
    Analyses of Bach and His Work
    The Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis by Bryen Travis. The complete BWV catalog as a downloadable database or in Adobe Acobat format.
    Bach Bibliography A searchable resource by Yo Tomita
    The Bach Cantatas by Walter F. Bischof. Searchable and includes the text for every cantata.
    Complete Vocal Works by Z. Philip Ambrose. Texts of the complete vocal works with English translation and commentary.
    Listener's Guide to the Cantatas by Simon Crouch
    Bach Chorales Page by Margaret Greentree
    Die Kunst der Fuge (The Art of Fugue) by Thomas Radleff and Melita Ivkovic.
    Die Kunst der Fuge (The Art of Fugue) by Alessandro Simonetto
    The Art of Fugue Many articles. Presented by Minnesota Public Radio.
    J.S. Bach, The Well-tempered Clavier by Philip Goeth
    Well-Tempered Clavier II: Source Studies by Yo Tomita
    Music of Sacred Temperament A site about the Well-Tempered Clavier by Iori Fugita.
    Music of Sweet Temperament A site about the Well-Tempered Clavier Book 2 by Iori Fugita.
    St. Matthew Passion A dramatic visualization, translation and commentary. Site by Henry de Jong. Also see his visualization of Mass in B Minor
    Goldberg Variations An extensive reference including a huge listing of recordings of the Goldbergs!
    Music of Intellect: The Goldberg Variations An extensive site by Iori Fugita.
    BACH & Friends A two-hour documentary by Michael Lawrence.
    "The Stations of Bach" A 90-minute documentary.
    Yo-Yo Ma: Inspired by Bach Six one hour films conceived by cellist Yo-Yo Ma featuring each of the six Suites for Unaccompanied Cello. This edition comes "with public performance rights" for classroom showings in academic environments.
    Internet Movie Database A listing of films that include Bach's music.