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Main Performer
or Conductor:
Christiane Wuyts
Soloists:Chritiane Wuyts performing on a Jacques Goerman Harpsichord (1774) and a Henri Hemsch Harpsichord (1754)
Individual Works:CD: 1

Sonata in a BWV 965 (1702-1710)
Fuge in d BWV 948 (ca.1709)
Suite in f BWV 823 (1702-1707)
Praeludium (fantasie)in a BWV 922 (1707-1710)
Praeludium et Partita in F BWV 833 (1700-1704)
Fuge in Bb BWV 954 (1702-1710)
Fantasie in g BWV 917 (ca.1709)
Sonata in D BWV 963 (ca.1704)
Fuge in a BWV 947 (ca.1709)
Fuge in a BWV 958 (ca.1709)

CD: 2

Praeludium in b BWV 923 (ca.1709)
Fuge in b BWV 951 (ca.1709)
Fuge in b BWV 951a (ca.1709)
Ouverture in g BWV 822 (1702-1705)
Sonata in C BWV 966 (1702-1710)
Capriccio in E BWV 993 (1703-1705)
Preludio con la suite in a BWV 996 (1707-1709)
Fuge in C BWV 946 (1702-1709)
Sonata in a BWV 967 (1703-1707)
Fuge in A BWV 949 (ca.1709)
Fuge in a BWV 959 (ca.1710)

CD: 3

Concerto e fuga in c BWV 909 (ca.1703)
Suite in A BWV 832 (1702-1707)
Aria variata in a BWV 989 (ca.1709)
Suite in Bb BWV 821 (1702-1707)
Fuge in Bb BWV 955 (1703-1704)
Ouverture (Suite)in F BWV 820 (1702-1707)
Fuge in A BWV 950 (ca.1709)
Capriccio in Bb BWV 992 (1704-1706)

Format:Compact Disc
Record Label:Autographe
Catalog Number:158006/7/8
Year Released/Recorded:1988
Total Playing Time:3-Discs 205'09"
Comments:Michael Iscenko said:

An excellent recording for those interested in early Bach harpsichord music. Miss Wuyts Performs on two authentic mid-eighteenth century French Harpsichords: a 1774 Jacques Goerman and a 1754 Henri Hemsch. Both instruments are tuned using the Werckmeister No.3 system to the Pitch a=435. Scholarly program notes are provided, including the source material for each work with approximate dates of composition. A must for the hardcore Bach collector!

Jan Hanford said:

This recording is also released as Keyboard Works Volume 1 which is Volume 3 of the Brilliant Classics' Bach Edition, along with the Well-Tempered Clavier, Goldberg Variations, Partitas and more by various performers. The low price combined with the high quality recording and performances makes this collection a must-have.

A wonderful set of rarely recorded keyboard works of Bach. A few of the pieces' authenticity is doubtful, and it sounds it. But they are all delightful and the performance is outstanding.

Acknowledgements:Thank you to the following for submitting this recording and for your comments:
  • michael iscenko
Date First Submitted:12/19/1998